Venster Film (2014-2017)

For 2,5 years I managed a film production company working mostly for the design, fashion and technology-industry in The Netherlands. I was responsible for new business and always filled the shoes of the director and editor during production. We had a great team of cinematographers, graders, sound designers, writers and lots of assistants who worked for projects on a freelance basis.

My time with Venster Film was a wonderful experience. Besides working on projects I cared for, I often got in front of CEO's from a diverse range of companies. It was my job to deliver a concept for the video, and in order to serve their needs in the best way possible, I had to understand their business model. With these responsibilities I grew to understand business better and I got to learn first-hand from inspiring entrepreneurs, many of which I still admire very much. And I take this knowledge of business with me in every movie I make. Because I understand that movies aren't just about getting the important stories out, which is of course what drives us all, but above all, it's about money. And this isn't a bad thing, it just needs the right approach. Because I can't stress enough that the change you wish to see in this world needs to be profitable. One of the things Venster Film helped me gain was this perspective of business and I think you need this when you're an idealist.

While working for Venster Film I gained professional experience in- and outside the creative sector, but it also helped me further develop my craft as a filmmaker. It helped me become a better director, entrepreneur, editor and writer. The commissioned projects usually didn't last very long (usually between 3-6 months), so there was a lot of room for experimenting and improving. I used to work around 3 days per week on these commissioned projects, and the other days on my own projects. These side projects started with ideas I couldn't get pitched to my clients and ended up to be a short road movie and a photo series about my previous hometown Amsterdam.

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